Low-cost Carrier vs. Full-service Carrier:  What’s the Difference?

Are you ready to travel this weekend? Or you have planned something new? It is the best season to spend some quality time with your family or friends. Love to travel to your favorite places with your favorite people. When you have searched about airlines, then you have definitely heard about the full-service carrier and low-cost carriers airlines. There are two main airlines category also: Traditional airline and commercial airlines. Some of the low-cost carrier airlines are Southwest, JetBlue Airways, Frontier Airlines, Allegiant Airline, Avelo Airlines, Breeze Airways, Spirit Airlines, Sun Country Airline, etc. List of top mainline carrier airlines: Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest, United Airlines.

Let’s understand what is the main difference between the two: A low-cost carrier and a Full-service carrier.

One of the best points that helps you to easily differentiate between these two carriers is the Price factor. If you are traveling to a low-cost carrier, then it is relatively much cheaper than the full-service carrier. Not a lot, but quite a few difference is still present in the airfare of the low-cost carrier and the full-service carrier. More often, the few points that affect the passengers while traveling is the Service factors. 

Let’s discuss in detail the Services provides in the low-cost carrier and full-service carrier in detail: 

PRICE: Airline Ticket Fare

This is one of the visible differences that can be easily seen while booking tickets from any airline. A low-cost carrier is relatively cheaper than a full-service carrier. Full-service carrier has the high fares as compared to the low-cost carrier. You can add your price on airfare by taking additional services of food and other benefits. At this moment you get confused that whether you should buy a budget airline or not. But, let this point get clear that this cost same as your traditional flight will occur. So, let us understand what is included in the price of the airfare: You can enjoy much better and extra services on the full-service carrier than low-cost carrier by paying some additional amount on the airfare. That’s why it is called a full-service carrier airline. Also, you book multi-city flights to explore multiple destinations. Book Southwest multi-city flights, United multi-city flights, American multi-city flights, Delta multi-city Flights, Spirit Airlines multi-city flights, JetBlue Airways multi-city flights, and more.


The next difference between low-cost carriers and full-service carriers is the Luggage allowance. 

If you are traveling to a low-cost carrier, then you are eligible to take carry-on luggage with you for free of cost. But, if you have extra luggage and you will have to buy extra bags for keeping the material then you will have to pay some extra for it. Whereas most of the airlines have given the services of full-sized carry-on baggage on board for free of cost. There are some airlines that allow you to carry a small personal item too. Let’s make a small difference between the low-cost carrier and full-service carrier:

If we are talking about cabin bags, then most of the airlines charge no cost in the low-cost carrier, whereas some airlines only allow carrying one personal item. However, in a full-service carrier, at least one full-sized carry-on baggage is allowed to carry for free of charge.

If we are talking about Checked baggage, then in the case of a low-cost carrier you are allowed to carry checked baggage by paying an additional amount. Whereas, in the case of full-service carriers, the passengers can carry one checked baggage totally free of cost except in the case of Basic fare. 


In the case of low-cost airlines, all the food, drinks, and even snacks will cost extra by paying some extra money. So, while traveling through a budget airline, you need to make a pre-order of meals while booking the tickets. However, you can add an extra meal reservation on a later basis. So, when you have planned to book your meal, then just enter your reservation number, find your booking, and add your meal option. But, in some cases, most of the airlines did not serve hot meals on traveling. You are required to make a pre-order before your flying. Although, if you didn’t avail re-order meal for your flight then some sandwiches and basic snacks will be definitely offered. 

On the other hand, in the case of a full-service carrier, you are eligible to get the full benefit of meals and drinks on the board. If you are flying through long-haul flights then you would receive two extra meals. In addition to this, the passengers will get some extra snacks also. However, in the case of short-haul flights, the passengers will receive only one extra meal and some snacks. These meals will depend upon the duration of the flight. 


The frequent-flyer programs will be mostly available on many airlines. It is a type of loyalty program offered by many airlines. You can avail the benefits of these points and later on use these points for booking the flights or enjoying some additional itinerary. However, it will take some time to collect these points to enjoy a free flight. 

Whereas in the case of low-cost airlines, you did not get the option of a frequent-flyer program. However, these airlines will offer other benefits like membership discounts, onboard privileges, passes, and many more. 


Generally, when we are booking a flight to our destination, then sometimes we need to change the airport to reach the destination, like, if we are traveling from a low-cost carrier, then sometimes, we need to switch airports. As it has cheaper airfare, but a lot of struggle to do also. But, if your journey is for a short duration, then you can go with a low-cost carrier. Most of the airlines associated with low-cost carriers will have secondary airport options. You can get benefits of on-site manage delta airline booking, manage United airline booking, manage American airline booking, and more.

However, in the case of a full-service carrier, you do not change the airport as you just have to enjoy the flight services to your destination place. But, keep in mind that will take extra cost than the basic fare of the low-cost carrier.  For more information related to the difference and information about the low-cost and full-service carrier airlines, Visit cheapusaflight.com. Also. contact us for personal assistance and don’t miss any updates. I hope, you will enjoy your next journey from the kind servicing with the best air travel agency cheapusaflight.com