The Ultimate Guide on What To Do in Las Vegas:

It’s a town with a rich, intriguing, and occasionally turbulent past. A metropolis of strange architecture bound together by dreams and neon. A solitary location on Earth where what happens there famously stays there. Every day and night, fortunes are built and lost on the roll of a die, the rattling of a ball in a slot, or the next card drawn from the pack.

But it’s also a city hampered by its ironclad image. Everyone believes they know what goes on in Vegas. Hollywood, the twin town of glamour and glitter, has firmly established Vegas in the public mind as one of a small number of things. And, of course, you should cross off the usual suspects when you come – there’s almost a sense that you haven’t truly done Vegas unless you’ve covered the typical suspects. But what happens next? You can’t spend all of your time in Vegas getting your Bond on at the roulette wheel unless you have enough cash to flamethrower into the night.

Where To Book Flights For Las Vegas?

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Best Things to Do In Las Vegas

Explore the Grand Canyon at Your Own Pace:

You may come all the way to Vegas and completely disregard its proximity to the Grand Canyon. But why you’d do it is anyone’s guess. It is one of America’s most stunning natural wonders, which is saying a lot. You may visit the Grand Canyon in a variety of ways while in Vegas. You can fly in and out of its delights in a tiny plane. You may get a closer look by taking a helicopter trip around some of its most crazily stunning aspects, with a guide pointing you to the significance of what you’re seeing.

Take a look at the Hoover Dam:

 If you’ve been blown away by one of Nature’s most spectacular displays, maybe redress the balance with a day visiting one of modern man’s industrial triumphs — the Hoover Dam. An art deco hydro-power plant seems like something out of a science fiction movie, yet it was built in just five years, between 1931 and 1936 — during the Great Depression. The Hoover Dam is a pleasure for engineering aficionados, providing water to the famously parched states of Nevada, California, and Arizona, as well as its power-generating scope, but you can also chill your neon-crazed Vegas-head out with a ride on Lake Mead, the biggest reservoir in the US.

Go to the casinos:

Whether you’re playing (or watching) poker at the Bellagio or enjoying the full roulette experience at any casino where you feel lucky, putting your wits against random fate and/or other players may provide a whole new level of adrenaline rush.

Attend a performance:

Another of the typical suspects, but with a similar claim on your time as the casinos. When Vegas was originally becoming the entertainment mecca that it is today, it hosted some of the finest performers from across the world, including the iconic Rat Pack. It’s a tradition that continues to this day, with some of the most well-known and dependable performers having residencies or set durations in Vegas.

The Mirage Volcano Show:

Do you know how the Bellagio has the entire water fountain thing? Mm-hmm. The Mirage has a similar feature. But with flames. Just saying. It’s a free show that will add a flaming spray of fantastic to your Vegas vacation, so the only reason you’d miss it is if you were too busy doing everything else on our list. Las Vegas offers something for everyone. In reality, the point is that it has something for everyone. But there is one thing we haven’t mentioned yet.

Hershey’s Chocolate World is a must-see:

First and foremost, we take no responsibility for the sugar-crazed hellions when they return to the hotel, but Hershey’s Chocolate World is a spectacle to be seen, smelled, and savored in. Two. Complete. Stories of Hershey’s fun and insanity, such as creating their own personalized Hershey’s chocolate bar, starring in their own Peanut Butter Cup ad, taking selfies with the Statue of Chocolate Liberty, and the unavoidable ability to bring home their own body weight in chocolate deliciousness.


That’s exactly what it sounds like, but there’s a lot more. Circus is a pizza shop that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No way – it’s a circus that runs 24 hours a day, but it’s also a hotel, a casino, and a theme park. The Adventuresome has all the fun of a circus, all the convenience of a hotel, all the “Well, they’ve occupied” opportunity of a casino for the adults, and a full-fledged amusement park to exhaust, thrill, excite, and did we mention exhaust even the most phone-addicted, adventure-jaded kids on the planet.

M&Ms World is a must-see Attraction:

This is also true. More candy, more chocolate, and personalized M&Ms printed with a printer so they can eat their own faces off. 28,000 feet of M&M celebration. It’s something that has to be done when you’re in town with kids. At least once.

Kid-Friendly Shows:

If you’ve learned anything about Vegas, it’s that we will cater to your every taste, want, and fee-paying need. This involves putting on amazing, mind-blowing spectacles for children. We’ve already mentioned Cirque du Soleil, and while the business has a worldwide reputation for the avant-garde, their Vegas performances are not only kid-friendly, but they’re certain to drop their jaws with the almost impossible abilities on exhibit.

Everything You Do Is Awesome:

Of course, there’s no reason why your children shouldn’t enjoy some of the activities we’ve recommended for you. Water parks may also be enjoyable for children. Ziplining over a monstrous hole in the earth is also an option. Burgers with a secret ingredient? What’s the harm? Have you ever had fun with fountains? Splashtastic. Selfies with placards that are cheesy? Cool in a postmodern, grown-ups-are-such-dorks kind of way.